Pendant Bottone con campanello

Pendant Bottone con campanello

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Inspired by Persian patterns found in the island of Sardinia, this pendant highlights the perfection that can be achieved in the filigree metalwork.

We love this pendant. It looks particularly nice when worn on a long chain/cord. The shape and the balance of the design gives armony and enriches elegance. Although the design is timeless and suitable for any age we think that it is the perfect present for new and experienced mothers!

The design represents a Sardinian amulet gifted to new born babies to protect them against the evil eye. The black of the stone attracts the negativity and the sheen pushes it back. Originally it was hung over a coat at birth.

made from:

Silver 925 oxidised with black onyx and garnet. The pendant will not tarnish further for a piece that will be loved forever. It comes with a black string that is about 65 cm.

We understand how important is to receive a well presented present and we are pleased to offer free gift wrapping service. We use white wrapping paper with a simple black ribbon.

This pendant is made by using the filigree metalwork. The art of filigree is a delicate ornamental work made from fine twisted gold or silver threads requiring endless patience and composure. The only way to reach this level of precision and intricacy is to make it by hand. Sardinian Treasure jewellery is special due to the light that each piece reflects, the quality of the workmanship and the unique feel that each piece transmit.


The diameter of the round is 1.8cm and the total lenght is approximately 6cm

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